Residence and buildings of Deang people

Deang people live in the pile dwelling of bamboo houses. The framework of the house is made of wood, and the other parts, the rafter, floor, walls, doors and stairs are made of bamboo, and the roof is covered with couch grass. Deang people like to build their houses near the mountain, with the front door facing east. There are mainly two types of houses: the square type and the oblong one. The typical and common bamboo house is in Dehong Prefecture. It is square and has a yard and has a main storied square house and a subsidiary cottage. People live on the upper floor of the main house, where there are bedrooms, a living room and rooms for storing grains and sundries. The lower floor is used for raising the stock. The subsidiary cottage is built beside the main house and is used for storing firewood and the pestle.

The bamboo house of Deang (Photo from

The bamboo house looks like a Confucius student's hat. As the legend goes, Deang people build their houses in the shape of Zhuge Liang's hat. In the period of Three Kingdoms (220-280), Zhuge Liang, the general of Shu Kingdom (221-263), led his army to put down the rebels in the south. When he arrived in a Deang village, he was attacked and hurt. Fortunately, Deang people saved him. When Zhuge Liang left the village, he left his hat to show his thanks for the villagers. Later, the hat became a bamboo house that has a same shape as the hat.

The bamboo house of Deang (Photo from

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