Food Habits of Monba People

The Menyu Region is abundant in resources and it is home to many rare herbal medicines, animals and trees. The Monba people live mainly on agriculture with some hunting, collecting and stock raising.

The Monba people's diets vary according to the region. The Monba's staple food includes rice, maize, millet and buckwheat. Maize and millet are ground and prepared to make porridge. Like the Tibetans, the Monba people also eat zhamba (roasted qingke barley), ghee tea and pepper.

zhamba, roasted qingke barley (Photo from

The Monba people are quite warm hearted. At the table, hosts will be pleased if their guests are drunk as they will take this to mean that their sincerity and warmness are accepted. When the guests leave, hosts will see them out of the village.

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