Dietary Customs of Primi People

The main Primis diet is meat such as pork, mutton, beef and chicken. They eat pork more often which include fresh pork, fat pork and bacon. No matter fresh meat or pickled pork, the Primis like eat meat lump. At the treat of guests they usually serve fat pork and lean pork or pork in a big bowl. If it is a great banquet, the host will kill the cattle, goat, pig or chicken in front of the guests to show their hospitality and royalty. When the guests leave after the dinner, the host will send them each a piece of fat pork called Division or Share. The Primis’ main staple food is wheaten food which they can both cook and bake. They also make all kinds of cereals into powder. However the main staple food for adults and the old or the children are quite different. For adults they often eat some hard cooked cakes. But for the old and the children they often have baked cookies. Some special Primi cuisines including: Zongzong: firstly stir the mixture of oatmeal and water to make sure it’s OK. Then shape it into cake and oil the surface or add some oil and salt in the oatmeal beforehand. At last, string the cakes with some clean branches and bake them in the fire. It tastes crispy and delicious.

Stone Baked Cakes: Firstly heat the stone to a high temperature. Then put the Baba (kind of cake) onto the hot stone. It will be OK shortly after you put it on. There is a better way to bake cakes that is to find a stone and make it like a pot. Then you can make fire under the stone pot and bake your cakes on the stone.

Goat Stomach Cooked Mutton: Firstly pull out everything out of the stomach and clean the goat stomach. Then fill the goat stomach with water and put the mutton into it. At last, bake the goat stomach on the fire. Because there is some water in the stomach, it’s hard to burn it broken.

Wooden Bucket Boiled Food: Firstly, fill the wooden bucket with some cold water and put the food you want boil into the bucket. Then put the hot stone into the bucket. If the water is not hot enough to boil the food, you have to add other hot stones into it until the water and food are boiled. What’s more, the Primis like drinking tea very much. Every morning they have morning tea after getting up. And they do so before lunch and supper. Some also drink tea before going to bed, which is called the night tea. Ghee tea is also one of their favorites. The way of making ghee tea is very funny. Firstly put a piece of ghee cube or lard into the tea bucket and add some salt and melon seeds meat. Then fill the bucket with boiled water and stir the mixture until the ghee and water mix well.

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