Deang People Fond of Pickled Food

Rice followed by corn, wheat and potato are the Deang staple foods. They steam or stew their food and are very fond of sour, pickled and hot food . Their snacks include tofu, rice noodles, rice cake and Tangyuan (a kind of stuffed dumplings made of glutinous rice flour served in soup), etc. They grow many vegetables and gather bamboo shoots, which they don't eat fresh, but make it into pickles and dry it for future use. Deang like to add pickled bamboo shoots into their stewed food, fryied meat and cooked fish. Influenced by the Han, they also eat Han-style pickles and preserved bean curd. Braised vegetable pickles is very popular.

How to make it:

1) wash leafy green vegetables.

2) cook them in the pot.

3) add some pickled bamboo shoots, meat, cooking oil or some fermented soy beans. The cooked food tastes a little sour first and then a little sweet.

4) Then they squeeze the vegetable pickles.

The stewed chicken with pickled bamboo shoots (Photo from

Deang mix the sour liquid together with some chilies and use it as their own vinegar, Pickled Padong vegetable is also called Jizhua (meaning chicken claw) vegetable. People pick the tender sprout of the Padong tree, dry them in the sun for a while to remove the water. Then they wash the sprouts, dry them, and pickle them before sealing the pickles in an earthen pot. Finally they put the pot near the fire pit and roast the pot by the fire for three days to make the pickles.

How to make pickled leafy vegetables:

1) radish leaves are sealed in a container until the green leaves turn yellow.

2) Take out the vegetables and wash them.

3) Dry them in the sun to remove the water.

4) Chop up the vegetables and put them in an earthen pot and seal them.

5) Put the pot upside down for about ten days.

6) Take out the vegetables then and cook them for a short while in a cooking pot, then dry them for storage.

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