Dietary Customs of Jingpo People

Staple Food

Jingpo's staple food includes rice, maize, barley, kaoliang and taro. Chicken, pork and beef are their main sources for meat protein. And they gather potherbs as their daily greenstuff, such as cordate houttuynia and wild celery. They also pick some fungus, liana and water plant as their supplementary food.

The feast featured with green leaves held by Jingpo people on festivals. (Photo from

Jingpo's famous dishes are fried Xingu rice ("Xingu" means newly grown rice), muntjac blood rice ball( hot steamed rice mixed with muntjac blood), ants battercake (a kind of battercake made of rice flour and chopped ants).

Cooking Techniques

The Jingpos are good at cuisine. They are adept at various cooking techniques such as pestling, grilling, boiling, chop, deep-frying, marinating etc.

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