Eating Habits of Hani Minority

Their staple foods are rice and corn. Sour and spicy are their favorite tastes. They pick wild vegetables to make soup, and use leaves of fragrance as condiment. Both Hani men and women are generally smokers and heated wine and teas are their favorite drinks. Chewing areca is also popular among the Hani People.


Baiwang (Photo from

There is a very unique dish called Baiwang, which is essential for treating guests. A small amount of salt is put into the blood of pig, goat or dog to help with concretion in a short time. Then the blood cakes are grilled on charcoal fire with pork, radish slice, garlic leaves, chili, pepper and some other vegetable and seasonings. Finally some peanuts are sowed upon the top of the cake. Though the ready dish may look a little horrifying, it tastes delicious with spicy and fragrant flavor.

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