Traditional Cuisine of Yugur People

People of the Yugur ethnic minority mainly live on boiled lamb, finger mutton, tea with milk, distillate spirits and barley wine. Usually Yugur people have three meals a day. They are used to taking tea as food and having a little cooked wheaten food at night. The Yugur people are fond of drinking. Drinking tea with milk is an important dietary habit of the Yugur people. Yugur people mostly drink distillate spirits, and sometimes they also drink barley wine. Yugur people serve their guests according to their traditional customs: the elderly welcome the guests at the door and the guest is seated on the ground bed on the left, facing the door (this is the seat for distinguished guest). The Yugur people are used to squatting on two knees first of all and then being seated cross-legged. Usually, the male and the female are seated separately with the male being seated on the left while the female on the right.


Finger Mutton (Photo from

The first dish is tea with milk. If the guest has had enough tea with milk, he or she has to eat up the "Qula" at the bottom of the bowl. If he or she does not eat up the "Qula", it shows that the guest wants more and the host will add more tea. The dish after tea with milk is boiled lamb and barley wine. Generally, one toast of the Yugur people means two cups. Sometimes, the host may sing toasting songs to propose a toast. They sing one song and propose a toast of two cups of wine.

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