Primi holidays and festivals

Primi holidays and festivals include Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, the Beginning of Summer, the Dragon Boat Festival, Torch Festival, and New Taste Festival. Spring Festival is quite like the other traditional Chinese, on which they get together and have family reunion dinner. During the Spring Festivals, they intend to send presents to each other which are made by themselves including fried cakes, bacon and some other food. On the other festivals, besides the tradition Primis food, they also send some seasonable food. For instance, some cool dishes on Tomb-sweeping Day; spicy garlic bacon on Summer Begins; bean curds and flour lumps on Torch Festival; new rice and buckwheat cakes on New Taste Festival etc.

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The Primis used to hold a great sacrifice every three year (sometimes on March 2nd in Chinese lunar calendar, and sometimes on October 8th in Chinese lunar calendar), when every two families will offer an ox and two sheep. At the dawn of the sacrifice, they will oblate the heads and the hearts of the cattle for various gods. And do the low mass after the sunrise. Sometimes, the sacrifice can last three months. However, it is rare to have this kind of ceremonies now.

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Primis celebrate the beginning of Spring Festival (the Chinese Lunar New Year) and the 15th of the first month of the lunar calendar. On the latter festival all Primis, young and old, clad in their holiday best, go camping on mountain slopes and celebrate around bonfires. The holidays are devoted to sacrifices to the "God of the Kitchen" and to feasting, horse racing, shooting contests and wrestling. Spring Festival itself is celebrated similarly to traditional Chinese New Year families get together for a big dinner and exchange presents.

The biggest Primi festival—honoring the mountain god Suoguonaba, who resides on a hill near to Lugu lake—takes place on the 15th day of the 7th Lunar month. On the morning of the festival all Primi hike up the mountain to pay homage to the god. Those who are unable must give a barley cake to someone to represent them. It is believed that bad karma and evil spirits cling to these cakes, and that by laying them at Suoguonaba's altar those who cannot go are protected and bad fortune is warded off .

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Like the Mosuo, the Primi also venerate the Goddess Ganmo, who is said to reside in Lion mountain. On the 25th day of the 7th Lunar month, both these groups celebrate the festival Zhuanshanjie by hiking to Ganmo's shrine on Lion Mountain. Here horns are blown and prayer flags are ties on strings and picnics are enjoyed in the grass. In the evening, after returning home, celebrants sing and dance around a communal bonfire.

Many Primi festivals have special seasona foods associated with them: fried cakes and bacon at the Spring Festival; cool dishes on Tomb-sweeping Day; spicy garlic bacon on the Beginnning of Summer; bean curds and flour lumps on Torch Festival; and new rice and buckwheat cakes on New Taste Festival. The Primis used to hold great sacrifices every three year (generally on the 2nd day of the third lunar month or the 8th day of the tenth lunar month), when every two families offered an ox and two sheep. At the dawn the animals were sacrificed and their heads and hearts were offered to various gods. Sometimes, the sacrifices last for three months. Today, these ceremonies are rare.

Primis celebrate their festival. (Photo from

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