Main festivals of Uzbek ethnic minority

The main festivals in Uzbek ethnic minority include "Mawlid al-Nabi", "Id al-fitr" and "Corban Festival". The traditional festivals of Uzbek ethnic minority are similar to the festivals of other ethnic minorities believing in Islamism. "Id al-fitr" and "Corban Festival" are the most important festivals in a year. In the Ramadan before "Id al-fitr", the adults should fast. While having a traditional meal during the Ramadan, the relatives, friends and neighbors should invite each other. If there is a guest coming over, the host should entertain the guest with hospitality and warmth.

During the "Corban Festival", the Uzbek people will butcher cattle and sheep, and fry deep-fried dough cakes. Besides, they will also have boiled lamb, zhua fan (meaning grasping rice, a typical Xinjiang staple food), and a unique folk food named "Na Ren". Like Uygur ethnic minority, Uzbek ethnic minority butcher sheep and camel during festivals, and hold congregation in Mosques. In addition, they also sing and dance, holding various activities such as horse racing, Buzkashi and wrestling.

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The staple food Naan of Uzbek people During the "Corban Festival" (Photo from


Buzkashi held by Uzbek people During the "Corban Festival" (Photo from

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