Traditional Festivals of Yugur People

Apart from some Chinese festivals like Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Moon Festival, the Yugurs also observe some religious festivals. They go to temples to offer incense in Lunar January. The Lamas in the temples cast red dates onto the crowd, and they perform Lamaist dance with masks.

June Pageant: June Pageant is a traditional religious festival in Yugur ethnic minority. It is popular among the Yugur people living in Sunan County, Gansu Province. The date of June Pageant varies from one temple to another, from June 1st to June 15th according to the lunar calendar. During the June Pageant, Yugur people in the mountainous area will send for a Lama to chant scriptures for peace, and will go to the mountains to offer sacrifice to Ebo. They will go to the fixed place with Ebo pole and green tea. They spread the tea on the mountain to pay for bless of the mountain god.


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Drive Demon with Fire: As an ancient tradition of the Yugur ethnic minority, the festival falls before the Spring Festival Eve. In the past, people thought that the period between Spring Festival Eve and January 5th of the next year according to lunar calendar is the most furious time of the demons. As a result, when the Spring Festival Eve comes, every family in the Yugur ethnic minority will clean up their yurt or house and light two bonfires in the open air. Then they will set off fireworks and drive the livestocks going through the space between the two fires simultaneously.

Wrestling: Wrestling is a traditional recreational activity in Yugur ethnic minority. It is a rivalry of strength. The two players compete with each other with technique, wisdom and willpower. The two players hold each other's waist sideways, and try to trip the rival with their legs. The one who firstly trips his rival is the winner. The winner will get people's praise. People will call the winner "the true man", which is "Bateer" in Yugur language.

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