Traditional Customs Taboos of Yugur Minority

In Yugur ethnic minority, every family worships "Mao Deity" at home. Other people's whip, raw meat and raw skin cannot be brought into the yurt. It is said that the "Mao Deity" wears red clothes and ride a red horse. So people in red clothes or riding a red horse are forbidden to go into the yurt. When the guest enters the yurt, the male is seated in the left and the female is seated in the right.


Diet Taboos: The Yugur people are not allowed to eat the meat of animals with pointed mouth or round hoof. Animals with pointed mouth mainly refer to the birds and fish, while animals with round roof mainly refer to donkey, mule and horse. The modern Yugur people are no longer forbidden to eat the meat of animals with pointed mouth; however, they are still not allowed to eat the meat of animals with round hoof. In addition, even though dog is excluded from the animals with pointed mouth or round hoof, the Yugur people are strictly forbidden to eat its meat.

Rite Taboos: When Yugur people drink tea, they are forced to use one chopstick instead of two chopsticks. When passing teacup or wine bowl to the guest, people should use both of their hands instead of one to show their respect to the guest.

Taboos of Fire: In daily life, it is forbidden to throw filthiness into the fire. It is forbidden to point the edged tools such as knife, bow and arrow and needle at the fire. In winter, people are not allowed to warm their feet by put their feet above the fire, or the fire basket or the stove directly. It is also not allowed to dry shoes, socks and underwear on the fire, which are seen as filthiness.

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