Monba Clothes and Pulu

In the Menyu area, men and women prefer to wear robes with aprons and black yak hair hats or caps. They wear soft-soled leather boots, which are decorated with red or black striped designs. Women usually wear white aprons, earrings, rings and bracelets. People in the subtropical Medog County dress differently. Women as well as men wear short or long jackets, and the women wear long striped skirts and various kinds of jewelry.

Monba men often have long hair and adorn themselves with earrings, a "Gawu" on their chest, a long knife known as a "Qiawo" hanging on waist, silver or copper bangles and rings on hands and fingers and long boots. Sometimes they carry bows and arrows in their hands. Monba women's dresses and adornments are flowery and colorful. They like to comb their hair into two long braids, which are coiled on the head, or they wear a Monba cap, and are cloaked in calf skin. They like girdles, including silver girdle, copper girdle and copper-silver alloy girdle.

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Monba clothes are mainly made of Pulu, a kind of woolen fabric, which is used by Tibetans to make clothes and cushions. It comes in different types with bright and beautiful colors and is a necessary thing for the Monbas' daily life. Orange pigment comes from the roots of a kind of local grass. These colors are very bright and are very striking to the eye from far away.

Men in Menyu region like to wear a kind of hat called "Balaga". The top of the hat is blue or dark Pulu, the lower part is red Pulu, and the brim of the hat is edged with orange cotton flannel with a breach on it, which is directed at the top of the right eye when wearing. Men in Menyu generally wear reddish brown cloth or Pulu robe, which is a bit shorter than Tibetans' robes. Because slopes are big and paths are steep, people like to wear high boots with soft sole, which is arranged and sewed with red and black Pulu. Men in Motuo seldom wear hats, but when they do they often wear bamboo hats weaved by their own hands to protect themselves from sunshine and rainfall. They usually wear a white robe, weaved with cotton or flax, with bare feet. They also hang chopper or leaf-shaped knife from their waist.

Women in Menyu also wear a robe, covered with a white Pulu robe. Women in Lebu, Bangjin like to wear sheep fur or calf skin on their back to protect clothes from being worn out when carrying basket. It can also be used as a raincoat. Adornments made of turquoise; red coral and agate are hung around a women's neck. The underwear of women is called "Bubure". It comes in different colors and has no open front, no collar and no buttons. There is only a round opening for putting for the head. The outer clothing is called "Donggu", and there are two kinds: short and long, made of red and black Pulu. Some people wear a “Gewu”—a metal protective Buddhist box over their breast with an image of Buddha and Buddhist sutras in it. Both men and women wear a red Pulu belt, which is 2 meters long and 0.6 meters wide. The climate in the Motuo region is warm, so women like to wear a thin white small coat or long vest and colorful skirt, with necklaces and earrings.

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