People of Lahu ethnic group love black color

In ancient times, all the Lahu people wore robes. Nowadays, men usually wear collarless black short coat, with light-colored or white shirts. They wear loose long pants, and wear skullcaps or simply tie a kerchief on the head.

Women in different regions wear different costumes, including two types. One type is to tie a kerchief on the head, wear long robes with buttons in the front, and the slits on the two sides are very big. In the front, there are silver plats, and colorful geometric patterns are decorated on the brims of the front, sleeves and slits. They wear long pants. In some regions, women like wearing colorful belts on the waist, which preserves many features of the robes of the northern ethnic groups.

The other type of clothing is the typical south ethnic groups. They wear tight-sleeve short coats and tight skirts. They wrap their legs with black cloths, and tie kerchieves of various colors on the heads.

People of Lahu ethnic group are fond of black color and consider black color as beautiful. Therefore, their clothes mainly use black color as the base color, and then decorate with colorful threads, strips or patches. The whole color is deep but also with distinctive contrasts, which present a beautiful image.

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