Traditional Costumes of Uzbek People

Both men and women of Uzbek ethnic minority like wearing little colorful hats. There are many kinds of little colorful hats, such as the hats with edges, the hats without edges, the hats with patterns on the top or around the hats. The patterns are usually in the form of flowers and geometric figures. The hats which the elderly wear have few patterns, or even no patterns at all. The little colorful hats are usually made of pleuche and corduroy, in the color of purplish red, blackish green, black and purplish red.


Uzbek woman (Photo from

Some Uzbek women wrap a long colorful hood around the little colorful hats, and wear a pair of riding boots with decorated patterns, showing irresistible charms. In spring and summer, they will wear loose colorful pleated dresses, together with necklaces, bracelets, rings and some other jewelry, increase their great charms. In summer, Uzbek women like to wear silk shirts and dresses. The pleats on shirts and dresses of senior Uzbek women are large in number and loose in shape, with humble colors. However, the costume of the young Uzbek women is bright and colorful, with various patters and figures embroidered over the breast. There are also some colorful pearls and paillettes decorated on their costume. In winter, Uzbek women like to wear overcoats made of fox fur.

There are also many styles of male costumes. The Uzbek men like to wear a long gown which looks like the traditional costume "Qian pan" (Uygur or Tajik robe buttoning down the front) of the Uygur people. There is no button or pocket on the long gown. Tying a triangular embroidered belt around the waist and wearing a pair of riding shoes with rubber overshoes, the Uzbek men look handsome and energetic. In summer, the Uzbek men usually wear white shirts. On the neckline, collar and wristband, some geometric patterns are embroidered.

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