Tea culture in Deang people's daily life

Tea is an indispensable part in Deang people's daily life. Deang people prefer to strong tea. When making tea, they put the tealeaves into a teapot and pour into water (generally speaking, Deang people put much more tea leaves than common people do). Then they boil the tea until the water turns into deep coffee color. Deang people like to drink this kind strong tea very much. They feel quite refreshed if they can have a cup of tea after a day's work.

Tea also plays a significant role in Deang people's social life. Tea is used to express their good wishes and welcome. When a guest has arrived, the host serves him or her a cup of tea. People take some tea as the gift when they visit their friends or relatives. It they want to invite their friends to have a dinner, they sent them a small package of tea tied with two pieces of red crossing threads. When people apologize, they also present others some tea.

Deang people is making tea. (Photo from dehong.gov.cn)

Almost every family plants tea around their houses or around the village. Deang children play in the tea tree forest, young people date in the tea tree forest, and old people enjoy their life in the forest. So the tea trees are also an important part in their life.

Deang people is making tea. (Photo from dehong.gov.cn)

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