The Legend of the Lusheng Tune

The legend goes that a pretty and clever girl named Yu Nan fell in love with a brave hunter Yan Wa. But Yu Nan's father bitterly opposed their love because Yan Wa was poor. To stop the two young people from meeting each other, Yu Nan's father forced her to leave home and live in a small house in the wild mountain. Yan Wa went to meet his beloved girl immediately after he knew where Yu Nan was staying, only to find that she had been eaten by a leopard. The grieved and angry Yan Wa killed the leopard and cut off its head and tail. He collected Yu Nan's clothes and went to Yu Nan's parents' home. There he started to play his lusheng (a reed-pipe wind instrument). The sad tune sounded like weeping and condemnation. At dawn, when Yu Nan's mother came downstairs and saw Yu Nan's clothes placed together with the head and tail of the leopard, she realized what had happened to her daughter.

The unfortunate tragedy shocked all Deang people. From then on, no parents would interfere with their children's marriage. The story, known as the legend of the lusheng tune, is sung at Deang people's wedding ceremonies nowadays.

Deang fairy tales are interesting. There are several tales about the origin of human being. For example, the Gourd and Human tells the story of how humans came out of the gourd. The Heavenly King and the Mother God of the land is another story. It was said that 102 leaves were blown off a tea tree in heaven, and they were turned into 51 brothers and 51 sisters on Earth. They fought against devils on the land and finally won. They all returned to heaven except Daleng and Yaleng, who stayed on Earth and they were the ancestors of the intelligent and brave Deang nationality.

Deang people have rich folktales. The Frog and the Embroidering Girl tells the marriage between a frog fellow and the embroidering girl. The story sings for the goodness, honesty of Deang people.

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