Intangible Cultural Heritage of Jino Ethnic

Jino people are all adept at singing and dancing.

The Sun drum is the most holy sacrificial vessel and instrument of the Jino people. Every year in December of the Chinese Lunar calendar, the Jino people will perform the "Sun drum dance" to celebrate the harvest. The elder people of the village will hit the bull-skin drum. People dance with the drumbeats around the big drum in a rough and bold style.

Their dance "Echeguo", which means Big Drum Dance, is also famous. The dance is often performed at religious rituals such as celebrating ceremonies of building a new house and on certain festival occasions.

Besides drums, the Jino people are also proficient on a number of other unique instruments such as bamboo cylinders, bamboo flutes, mouth strings, three-stringed guitars, etc.

The Jino ethnic group also has a rich oral folk literature, which includes fairy tales, legends, stories, riddles, etc.

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