Original Ecological Culture of Lahu Minority

The music and dances of the Lahu people have their unique styles and are permeated with life. There are many melodies and songs. Their dances, numbering about 40, are characterized by foot tapping and swinging to the left. Songs and dances are the most enjoyable activities in the lives of Lahu people. They express emotions by sing and dancing in occasions of weddings, births, birthdays, religious sacrifices, farming activities or guests’ visiting.

There are very old songs that were passed down from generation to generation, and there are also new songs that were improvised when they were evoked by some touching scenes. Besides Lusheng dances, there are triple steps and senary steps which imitate the scenes of farming work, daily life or movements of various animals. Every Lahu people can dance.

Traditional musical instruments include the lusheng (a reed pipe wind instrument) and three-stringed guitar, Bawu (another reed-piped wind instrument) and Kouxian (a kind of harmonica). The Lahus have a rich stock of oral literature, most of which is related to physical labor. The most popular form of poetry is called "Tuopuke" or puzzle.

During the Spring Festival, every village holds a big lusheng dance, in which everyone, old and young, man and or woman, take part, in their best festival clothes. They gather in a clearing with several or even dozens of men in the center playing the lusheng (a reed pipe) or leading the dance. Women, then, join their hands and form a circle around, dancing and singing to the rhythm of the music. As a group dance, the Lahus' Lusheng Dance is very colorful. Some dances represents their working chores; others imitates the movements and gestures of animals. Because of its delicacy and passion, it is the most favored dance of the Lahu people.

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