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People of Uzbek ethnic minority fond of singing and dancing

People of Uzbek ethnic minority are very fond of singing and dancing. Their traditional music boasts a rich content, including folk songs and dances, rap, classical song cycle and many other forms and contents. The folk music instruments include Dutar, Rewapu and Dobro. When they perform, they sing and play the instruments by themselves simultaneously, expressing their great passion.

The dance of Uzbek ethnic minority (Photo from

All Uzbek people are good at singing; no matter it is folk song, working song, customary song or love song. Folk songs of Uzbek ethnic minority boast beautiful tunes with lively rhythm. There are various performing forms, such as unison, solo and antiphonal singing. The dance of Uzbek ethnic minority is relaxing, elegant and variegated, with a lot of revolving movements. The movements are stretching and graceful, full of amorous feelings of the western regions.

The dance of Uzbek ethnic minority (Photo from

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