Flourishing Literature and Art of Yi Ethnic Minority

The literature and art of Yi ethnic minority are flourishing. The Yi people have created a great deal of historical and literary works written in the old Yi language and folk literary works handed down orally. The oral folk literary works, numerous and in a great variety, include poems, tales, fables, proverbs, riddles, etc. "History of the Yis in the Southwest" and "Lebuteyi", two encyclopedic works written in the old Yi language and involving philosophy, history and religion have been translated into the Han (main Chinese) language. The epics "Ashima", "The Song of the Axi People" and "Meige" are popular throughout Yunnan province.

Since liberation, many Yi folk tales, epics and songs have been published after being collected and collated. Also published are some new works reflecting the present life of the Yi people, such as "The Merry Jinsha River and Daji and His Father". Yi songs and dances are rich in ethnic color. The new folk song "The Stars and the Moon Are Together" expresses through beautiful melodies the happiness and warmth felt by the Yis in the great family of nationalities in China. "The Happy Nuosu", another new song with cheerful and lively melodies, reflects the joyous and energetic life of the Yi people.


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